Art trade with Sawarineko !! A very sweet Romantic Rose Letter kitten

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LOOK AT HOW SWEET THIS ISSSS oh my gosh I love this painting of her it’s soo darling!! Thank you so much again!

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Ice Cream

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There’s a story I’ve been planning to tell and put together, and has been rapidly being set in stone for arks and character telling for the past six months. I keep on chickening out, telling myself I need to improve in my writing, my story telling, my art and character design, etc.

Finally I’ve decided to just do it. Even though it’s one big story there’s many little stories in between it. I’ve done my research and I’ve been literally practicing art for years, and there’s no point in holding back anymore. 

It won’t be perfect and honestly might be embarrassing when I look back at it but…I won’t get better for the next round if I don’t work my butt off this one.

ANYWAYS. Yeah. I felt like this belonged here. 

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a note to self

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Sewn together by your own blood

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I spent the evening drawing on balloons for tiny humans that I’m related to

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The text started out as a joke but it seemed more fitting to be kept

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